About Me

Katrina I. Gould

Body-Based Psychotherapy & Couples Therapy



I came to this profession in part through a dark time in my own life.  I don’t believe a therapist has to experience every type of life event to be able to help clients through their struggles, but it is essential that she has found her way through some of them.  My own therapy helped me make sense of my circumstances, choose more functional behaviors, and feel supported and witnessed along the way.  I know – from the perspective of the client as well as the therapist – the conditions that make for a good experience, and that’s what I aspire to offer:

  • training that reflects our most current understanding of how humans grow & change
  • skills and strategies to help you address your current challenges
  • my experience as a client of how certain processes moved me through hard times
  • and the confidence that this is possible for you, too

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In 2002, after the birth of my second child, I started running to get more fit.  My head was usually swirling with the various issues having to do with having two young children and a stepson at home, navigating my marriage, and keeping a private practice going.  One day I was feeling notably discouraged – and so it was equally noteworthy when I realized toward the end of my run that – though nothing had actually changed – I felt better.  I became fascinated with the idea that one’s physical self had a critical role to play in how effective we feel in our lives, and wondered if any school of psychotherapy addressed the role of the body.  A year later, I heard Pat Ogden speak and this began my journey training in and practicing from the more body-centered approach called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

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I credit the success of my marriage with having found several talented couples therapists at a few critical points. Building healthy, intimate relationships is one of the most demanding human endeavors I know of. We come together with all the wounds and gaps left by our childhoods, and then hope this other person will have just the right combination of qualities to heal us and build a mutually satisfying partnership. What we forget sometimes is they come with their own burdens and limitations, too. Thankfully, intimacy and heartfelt communication are skills we can build, and there are strategies we can learn to ameliorate the painful habits that emerge with our partners. I know this because I have had to learn them, too. It’s been one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve undertaken to wrestle with myself in order to – sometimes – be the person I want to be in relationships. Contact Katrina to schedule an appointment or for more information.


In my life I have been a writer, a barista, an actor, a high school teacher, a Buddhist meditator, a language teacher, a partner, a step-parent and a biological parent,a yoga practitioner, a singer, and a musician.  I have lived all over the United States, and in Sweden and Scotland.