Body-based Trauma Work

Trauma results from a situation where there is an actual or perceived threat to our life or to our bodily integrity. We have all experienced trauma.  For some of us, the details of our trauma – certain smells, or facial expressions, or sounds – can become triggers that lead to thoughts and feelings so intrusive that they interfere with our lives.  When trauma has this level of impact on our lives, it isn’t enough to address it with the “talking cure” of traditional therapy. For this reason, I involve the body in the conversation.  Recognizing the physical effect of the trauma – in addition to the mental and emotional effects – means we can more reliably find the path to loosening its grip on an individual.

The primary approach I use is called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. I’ve successfully used it to treat the one-time trauma of a bicycle or car accident as well as for the on-going trauma of past childhood abuse or relational violence. Other body-based therapies I have training in include Hakomi therapy, yoga therapy (140-hour Yoga Therapy Training, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training), and the Re-Creation of Self. While there is much overlap with these approaches, my training allows me to use whichever will most effectively address the needs of the client. Contact Katrina to schedule an appointment or for more information.


Being in an intimate relationship is one of the most difficult things I know of for us humans to do.  It captures our deepest hopes and dreams, and it dashes them, too.  Each person in a couple wants a relationship with passion and aliveness, comfort and solidity.  We each long to know and be known.  The relationship we crave is something we learn to build, thoughtfully and skillfully, brick by brick.  In order to offer the expertise that will guide a couple toward greater fulfillment in their relationship, I have trained extensively with both Dan Wile, PhD and Terence Real, LCSW, internationally renowned couples therapists. Contact Katrina to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Clinical Supervision


My goal as a clinical supervisor is to enhance the professional skills, knowledge and perspective of psychotherapists seeking licensure for social work, counseling or marriage and family therapy. I also provide supervision for psychotherapists interested in deepening their understanding and use of my areas of specialization, body-based therapy and couples therapy. My approach is collaborative and strengths-based because it’s important to develop a trusting and open supervisory relationship to best support your learning. Learning means not only gaining the information and knowledge I have to offer, but also includes developing a breadth of therapeutic skills and self-awareness about one’s strengths and areas of challenge. Through this process, my goal is for supervisees to feel greater confidence about their therapeutic skills and about their capacity to find resources they need about issues they’re less familiar with. Contact Katrina to schedule an appointment or for more information.